Arkham ASS-ylum: A Batman Burlesque Play

Arkham was the very first show we did together, and its wild success (it's sold out every single night we've put it on) was part of the reason that we decided to form The Society of Sin. We hope to eventually take this show on tour, so that all those who live outside of New Orleans will finally get the chance to experience the excitement of Batman burlesque! 

The Batman Burlesque Cast

Arkham ASS-ylum's Premise

There's been a security breech at Arkham Asylum, and a mysterious gas that compels anyone who inhales it to take off their clothes is coming in through the vents! Riddler is determined to figure out who caused the gas leak before The World's Greatest Detective and his Boy Wonder make it to the scene of the crime, but the other inmates are less than cooperative. Riddler drops in to question Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Penguin, Dr. Hugo Strange, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, and more of your favorite Batman villains, but few are very helpful. With Batman and Robin on their way to the asylum to put a stop to the madness, can Riddler crack the case in time? Find out in Arkham ASS-ylum: A Batman Burlesque Play! 


This show includes: strip teases, a musical number, audience participation, fire-eating, tassel-twirling, comedy, blow-up dolls, plenty of riddles, and really hot dance numbers between your favorite crime-fighting and crime-creating duos! You can watch the full Arkham ASS-ylum trailer here.


To find out about how to bring Arkham ASS-ylum: A Batman Burlesque Play to a theater near you, just send us an email!

Batman Burlesque Photos