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Past Shows

Photos and descriptions of our favorite Society of Sin burlesque  and variety shows

Arkham ASS-ylum:

A Batman Burlesque Play


Having sold out every single night we've put it on, Arkham ASS-ylum is best described as a sexy comedy that everyone can enjoy. The play takes place in Arkham Asylum and features villains such as Riddler, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Penguin, Joker, and Harley Quinn. With  burlesque, boylesque, sideshow, a musical number, and much more, this show is sure to keep anyone entertained. Contact us about bringing Batman burlesque to a theatre near you!

It's Always Sunny in Burlesque: The Nightman Cometh

From the minds that brought you Arkham ASS-ylum comes an even sexier take on your favorite episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Join Charlie, Dee, Dennis, Mac, Frank, and Artemis in a live version of Charlie's "The Nightman Cometh" musical, now with more big-breasted ladies, twerking, stripteases, karate, friendship, booze, and other musical stuff! 

A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream: A New Orleans-style Shakespeare Burlesque Comedy

If you thought Shakespeare was boring in high school, we'll change your mind. Prepare yourself for the dirtiest, most hilarious retelling of A Midsummer Night's Dream imaginable—New Orleans-style. Created by The Society of Sin, the burlesque and variety troupe that brought you Arkham ASSylum: A Batman Burlesque Play and It's Always Sunny in Burlesque: The Nightman Cometh, A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream is a good time for all, whether you're a literature buff or just someone who enjoys watching hotties dance in the buff. 

A Thong of  Ice & Fire: A Game of Thrones Burlesque Play

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Joffrey Baratheon and Sansa Stark—now with more nudity, er, at least as much nudity as the beloved book and television series! Join the stark-naked Starks, the lustful Lannisters, bare-assed Baratheons, and your other favorite Game of Thrones characters for a burlesque event you won't forget! This live-action Game of Thrones fan fiction is fun for everyone from casual fans to die-hard Thronies. Be warned: Winter is cumming. 

Harry Potter Burlesque & Yule Ball Dance Party

The Society of Sin closed out the 2015 New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con in style with a Harry Potter burlesque play of the most magical sort, followed by our first-annual Yule Ball Dance Party, where witches and wizards can got down all night alongside Hogwarts' finest go-go dancers. Our costume contests, raffles, and drinks were so fine you'd swear you were at The Three Broomsticks. An official event sponsored by the 2015 New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con.

Dungeons & Dragon Queens: A Live Action Pen & Pasties Burlesque RPG

Based loosely on Dungeons & Dragons, this pen and pasties RPG relies on audience interaction to guide the story along, choose-your-own-adventure style. Hosted by (Sex) Dungeon Master Stevie Poundcake, Dungeons & Drag Queens will bring together four playable adventurers—a human fighter (Pappa Razzi), a dwarf cleric (Queenie O'Hart), a tiefling wizard (Xena Zeit-Geist), and an elf rogue (Cherry Bombshell)—on a quest for an ancient treasure guarded by The Queen of the Dragons (Madonnathan) and her dark elf assassins (Darling Darla James). Sponsored by From Beyond Geek Boutique with treasure you can win from their store!

Bring On The Men: An All-Male Revue!

Accessible Comedy and The Society of Sin come together to bring to you an all-male burlesque revue benefitting the NO/AIDS Task Force. Join host Melody Thick and boylesque performers Stevie Poundcake, Leg Luthor, Dr. Strangelove, Clay Mazing, Amen Five for an evening of boylesque at Mag's 940. Musical performances by Queenie O'Hart and Melody Thick. Comedy by Jade Patton. This show was produced by J. Alfred Potter of Accessible Comedy and The Society of Sin. Learn more about the show in this article from The Gambit!

Pulp Science Fiction: A Star Wars Burlesque Play

This screwball Pulp Fiction/Star Wars crossover burlesque play was one of our biggest shows yet, selling out at Eiffel Society to a crowd of over 500 people. Starring Pappa Razzi as a Bible-verse reading, Deep Sarlaac Burger-eating hitman Han Solo with Nymph Adora as his partner Chewbacca and Xena Zeit-Geist as Princess Leia Organa/Darth Vader's body, Pulp Science Fiction was a resounding success. Other cast members included: Spooky LeStrange as Luke Skywalker, Amen Five as Ewok/Darth Vader's voice, Ash Wednesday as Boon the Ewok, Cherry Bombshell as R2-D2/Jabba the Slutt/Marvin the Ewok, Leg Luthor as C-3PO, The Manaical Menace as Lando, Stevie Poundcake as Yoda/Obi-Wan.

Archer's Angels: A Sploosh-tastic Burlesque Parody

Presented by The Society of Sin in conjunction with The Reverend Spooky LeStrange & Her Billion Dollar Baby Dolls, Archer's Angels is like a lost episode of the hit FX spy comedy, Archer. It's a typical day at the office at ISIS filled with experiemental truth serum, workplace affairs, and a lot of ants. Cast members include: Queenie O'Hart as Pam Poovey, Cherry Bombshell as Cheryl Tunt, Xena Zeit-Geist as Katya/Krieger's Virtual Girlfriend, Chuck La Beef as Cyril Figgus, Honey Tangerine as Malory Archer, Nicole Lynn Foxx as Lana Kane, Remy Dee as Trinette Magoon, Lydia Treats as Krieger, DC Harbold & The Reverend Spooky LeStrange sharing the part of Sterling Archer, David White as Woodhouse, and Ash Wednesday as Babou. 

Serenitease: A Firefly Burlesque Play

From the troupe that brought you Pulp Science Fiction: A Star Wars Burlesque Show, Arkham ASS-ylum: A Batman Burlesque Play, and Talk Nerdy To Me: A Weekly Nerdlesque Revue comes Serenitease: The Shiniest Burlesque in the 'Verse! The Society of Sin aimed to misbehave in bringing New Orleans a very special lost episode of the beloved and too short lived Joss Whedon series Firefly—extra shiny, full of striptease and gender bending surprises! Cast members included Xena Zeit-Geist as Captain Reynolds, Stevie Poundcake as Inara Serra, The Maniacal Menace as Zoë Washburne, Cherry Bombshell as Simon Tam, Harvey Wallbanger as River Tam, Miss Monarch M as Jayne Cobb, Queenie O'Hart as Wash, Pappa Razzi as Kaylee Frye and hosted by Madonnathan Hastings and The Lady Lucerne. Stagehands of Blue: Azazel von Satan and Ivy Dripp.

Take It Off Broadway: A Burlesque Tribute to Broadway Musicals

The Society of Sin, the troupe that brought you Pulp Science Fiction: A Star Wars Burlesque Play, Archer's Angels: A Sploosh-tastic Burlesque Parody, and The Vice Is Right: A Weekly Burlesque Game Show strutting their stuff at EIFFEL SOCIETY once again, this time in an ode to their favorite Broadway musicals, including tributes to Chicago, Wicked, Beauty & the Beast, Into the Woods, and more! Cast includes Xena Zeit-Geist, Cherry Bombshell, Stevie Poundcake, Queenie O'Hart, and host Danger Rockwell with stage kittens Ivy Dripp, Ash Wednesday, and Darling Darla James!

Doctor Who-Ha: A Burlesque Play

"Doctor Who-Ha" is our burlesque play parodying one of the longest running and most beloved television series of all time. Featuring Cherry Bombshell, Xena Zeit-Geist, Queenie O'Hart, Ash Wednesday, Nikki LeVillain, Stevie Poundcake and more members of The Society of Sin on a sexy journey through all of time and space! Krewe du Who supplied thier replica TARDIS for us to use in the show, and we are bringing the show back in January 2016 with the sponsorship of The New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con! An evening of the best sorts of wibbly-wobbley timey-wimey stuff!! 

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