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Stripping Supervillains To Take Over New Orleans Nov. 11

NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 1, 2018 – BAM! CRASH! STRIP! The Society of Sin Burlesque and Variety is bringing back one of it’s more popular shows “Arkham ASSylum: A Batman Burlesque Play.”

On Sunday, November 11th, “Arkham ASSylum” will have a one night, two show run in The Theater at Harrah’s Casino New Orleans. The first show will be at 7pm, and the second at 11pm. Doors will open 30 minutes before each show.

Unlike most burlesque shows, this will be a burlesque play rather than a revue. Producer and writer Xena Zeit-Geist brings a literal meaning to Burlesque being theater. The show will feature exciting numbers, witty acting performances from the cast, and sexy cosplay. It’s truly Batman stripped down.

“I’m playing Robin for the second time,” said cast member Ash Wednesday. “I’m really excited!” When asked what her favorite Batman trope was, she said “Anything that makes fun of him being an orphan, as dark as that is.”

Will your favorite trope be featured? Will the villains steal the show? Will our hero wear pasties? Join us to find out!

Cast members include Poseidon Davenport as Batman, Ash Wednesday as Robin, Xena Zeit-Geist as Catwoman/Dr. Quinzel (Harley Quinn), Expecta Patrone as Scarecrow/Joker, Lune Noirr as Penguin, Ariana Amour as Poison Ivy, Dick Jones as Mr. Freeze, Clay Mazing as the Mad Hatter, Lefty Lucy as Riddler and Phoenix Rose as Commissioner Gordon.

Discounted presale tickets can be purchased on our website, or via Eventbrite. You can also purchase full-price tickets at the door using cash or card. VIP, Deluxe, Booth, and General Admission options available. See ticket sales pages for more information.

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