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Meet The Society of Sin: A New Orleans Burlesque and Variety Collective

Hello, and welcome to The Society of Sin! We're a troupe of burlesque and variety performers based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The troupe was founded by Xena Zeit-Geist in 2014 after Arkham ASS-ylum: A Batman Burlesque Play, the first show she wrote and directed, sold out every single night we put it on. Xena was interested in writing more burlesque plays and doing more nerdlesque and comedy-oriented shows, and the cast of Arkham was overwhelmingly supportive. Persé Fanny, Vincent Gallant, Cherry Bombshell, Baron Reinhardt, Remy Dee, and Dr. Strangelove began helping her organize a collective of performers and plan for future shows. Within weeks, The Society of Sin was born.

As of now, we have many plans in the works for shows and events. In just a few weeks our first official show together as The Society of Sin, It's Always Sunny in Burlesque: The Nightman Cometh, a burlesque musical based on "The Nightman Cometh" episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will debut at The Shadowbox Theatre. We're also working on a number of fabulously nerdy (yet sexy!) variety shows, including a sci-fi variety show and a history-themed show.

If you're around New Orleans, and you're into comedy, nudity, and nerdy stuff, check out The Society of Sin!

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