The Society of Sin Makes Nerdlesque a Weekly Event

As of December 6, 2014, The Society of Sin will be performing a weekly nerd-themed burlesque revue every Saturday at The Dragon's Den called Talk Nerdy To Me. Doors will open at 6p and the show will begin at 7p. Guests are welcome to grab food at The Seoul Shack, the new Korean restaurant on the first floor of the Dragon's Den, and then to head upstairs for an evening of fabulously geeky fun!

As of now, the show has featured performers such as Cherry Bombshell as Silk Spectre, Xena Zeit-Geist as Darth Vader, The Reverend Spooky Lestrange as Constantine, and Sparrow D'lux as Pepper Potts. Talk Nerdy To Me is regularly hosted by local comedian Jake Potter of Accessible Comedy and sideshow extraordinaire Lydia Treats.

We have a new lineup every week, so start every Saturday night out right at Talk Nerdy To Me! Tickets available at the door or online for $10. We also have a raffle every week—the winner of which will be pulled on stage to dance with the cast, great for birthday girls and boys and bachelors/bachelorettes.

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