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Upcoming Burlesque Shows In New Orleans & Jackson, MS This August & September

We have exciting news for this fall! The Society of Sin is not only remounting the much loved Batman burlesque show in New Orleans, we're taking it on the road to Jackson, MS as well! We've sold out every night we've put this show on, so get your tickets in advance if you want to be guaranteed a seat! We have separate ticketing options for our New Orleans Batman show and for our Jackson, MS Batman show.

New Orleans Burlesque Arkham ASSylum A Batman Burlesque Play by The Society of Sin

In addition to our remount of Arkham ASS-ylum, we have one night left in our service industry-friendly remount of It's Always Sunny in Burlesque: The Nightman Cometh, this Monday, August 11 at 9p at The Shadowbox Theatre (2400 St. Claude Ave., NOLA). Tickets available online or at the door.


The Society of Sin is also excited to announce a brand new show premiering in late September—A Song of Ass & Fire: A Game of Thrones Burlesque Play. The play will take place at the wedding of Joffrey Baratheon and Sansa Stark, when a murderer is striking left and right! Also please note that we are trying really hard to include more nudity than HBO's Game of Thrones. Because our shows often sell out, it would be wise to purchase tickets ahead of time! Plus, buying online will get you a $3 discount.


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