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New Orleans Burlesque News: First New Orleans Burlesque Show to Feature A Cast Entirely of People of

Society of Sin is proud to announce that member Blu Reine will be making history this September by producing the first burlesque show in the Big Easy to feature a full cast of performers of color.

Blu Reine Society of Sin New Orleans Burlesque Performer

Friday, September 12 at Café Instanbul (2372 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, LA) at 8pm, prepare to have your hunger sated with THE ROUX: A Spicy Brown Burlesque Show. The show will feature local and national brown burlesque and variety performers. Coming to you for one night only, it is a must-see that is bound to sell out!

The Roux A Spicy Brown Burlesque Show New Orleans

Of the show, Blu has said, "THE ROUX: A Spicy Brown Burlesque Show not only aims to highlight diverse and talented performers of color, but to bring the sensual and sensational art of burlesque to new audiences and communities." As staple of the New Orleans burlesque community, Blu is proud to produce a show that pays homage to African-American burlesque and variety performers with a lineup that includes classic burlesque, neo-burlesque, boylesque, drag, comedy and much more.

New Orleans Burlesque Chatty The Mime Clownlesque The Roux A Spicy Brown Burlesque Show

With THE ROUX: A Spicy Brown Burlesque Show, Blu aims to bring even more diversity and flavor to the already vibrant local burlesque scene. "A city like New Orleans with deep-rooted ties to so many influential African-American jazz and blues artists is a perfect host for such an occasion, " she said.

If you'd like to be a part of this historic event, tickets are on sale now! And by buying in advance, you'll save $10. You can also join this event on Facebook or 'Like' The Roux's page for show lineup details and sponsorship spotlights! Don't miss out: Café Istanbul 2372 St. Claude Avenue FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 12TH DOORS AT 7p SHOW AT 8p

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