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Society of Sin's Game of Thrones Show Sells Out Night After Night!

The Society of Sin's Game of Thrones themed burlesque show, A Thong of Ice & Fire, opened last Monday and has enjoyed sold out performances every night so far. We've been consistently selling out online and only have a limited number of tickets at the door, so buy in advance on our Eventbrite page.

New Orleans Burlesque Game of Thrones Perse Fanny Nymphadora The Society of Sin

Fans of The Society of Sin will recognize several familiar faces, like Persé Fanny who plays Joffrey (Mad Hatter in Arkham ASS-ylum, Sweet Dee in It's Always Sunny in Burlesque, and Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream) but will also notice that this show debuts a few new Sinners. For instance, Ned Stippleman, a newcomer to the world of burlesque, who hosts the show as Varys, is joining us on stage for the first time. Nymphadora, who you may recognize from her performances with Bowtie Burlesque and The Reverend Spooky LeStrange & Her Billion Dollar Baby Dolls, is also taking the stage as Sansa Stark. Samwise Windstorm is also a new permanent addition to The Society of Sin. He plays Jaime Lannister in our Game of Thrones show, but you may have caught him during one weekend of Arkham ASS-ylum in the role of Dr. Hugo Strange, when he was understudy to Dr. Strangelove. Jake Potter of Accessible Comedy also makes a cameo as Hecker #2 and Khal Drogo, similar to his cameo in It's Always Sunny in Burlesque as Rickety Cricket.

New Orleans Burlesque Game of Thrones The Society of Sin

This show, written by Xena Zeit-Geist and Gideon Hodge, has taken hours to prepare, especially from stage manager Cherry Bombshell. We hope that you'll make it out for our last weekend of performances! We have shows this Friday, October 3 and this Saturday October 4 at 11p at The Shadowbox Theatre. Tickets are $12 online or $15 at the door. Doors open at 10:30p. Be sure to arrive no later than 10:30p if you are unable to buy tickets in advance!

New Orleans Burlesque Game of Thrones The Society of Sin

Also, be sure to bring cash to the show if you want to purchase refreshments, merchandise from the show, or raffle tickets. We always have the usual Society of Sin merch—trading cards, magnets, hair accessories—but for this show we have special Game of Thrones-themed panties for sale for $5. At every show we pick one lucky raffle winner to be pulled on stage to have a dance with the cast—it could be you this weekend or maybe your friend who's having a birthday or getting married!

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