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Dungeons & Dragon Queens: A Live Action Pen & Pasties Burlesque RPG Press Release!

NEW ORLEANS, March 10, 2015 – New Orleans-based burlesque and variety troupe The Society of Sin is preparing their second theatrical production of 2015, an interactive burlesque show based on the troupe’s favorite table-top games called “Dungeons & Dragon Queens: A Live Action Pen & Pasties Burlesque RPG.”

“The idea behind the show was to create a sort of burlesque choose-your-own-adventure story,” said Xena Zeit-Geist, Founder of The Society of Sin and lead writer of “Dungeons & Dragon Queens.” “After putting on a number of successful burlesque plays, we thought that we would try to do something different, something that will give our fans a more active role in the show.”

“Dungeons & Dragon Queens” features boylesque performer Stevie Poundcake in the role of Dungeon Master, as he leads the cast and audience on a quest through Glitterdale, a mysterious town that’s rumored to be home to a dark cult, a deadly dragon, and dungeons filled with treasure. Four burlesque dancers (Xena Zeit-Geist, Cherry Bombshell, Queenie O’Hart, and Pappa Razzi) will perform as player characters whose actions on stage will be determined by the whims of four comedians who will make decisions for them, audience members who can choose to intervene by sending performers potions to aid or hinder them, and the roll of a set of twenty-sided dice. Sideshow showgirl Darling Darla James and drag queen Madonnathan Hastings will also appear as non-player villains whose goal is to sabotage the adventurers on their quest for gold and glory.

This highly experimental production is currently scheduled to run for only one night, Friday, March 20, at Eiffel Society (2040 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La.) at 11p.m. Tickets are currently available online at and will be available at the door the night of the show. VIP tickets are selling for $30 each for a seat at a one of the tables in the roped-off section near the stage and include cocktail and bottle service options. General admission is $15.

For more information about The Society of Sin or about “Dungeons & Dragon Queens,” email

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